Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Experience - Gavin

Well, here we are, our last day at work and 2 days until we leave. We all agreed that we would update the blog with a short summary of our experiences, so heres mine...

God has really spoken to me during my time here, He has helped me to understand some valuable life lessons. I am a Cross-cultural studies and Business major, so this trip for me was a great insight and good experience. Maybe not enhancing the productivity of a Christian bookstore business, but living in uncomfortable environments, trying to communicate with people and having difficulty understanding each other and having to adjust to other cultures and their ways of life will be things I have to deal with for the rest of my life. God has taught me much patience during my time here. In Cancun; trying to plan or sticking to a schedule is not something they like to do, but God is good, as frustrating as it can be God has helped me to be flexible and available.

At the bookstore, we have accomplished so much. They now have an organized store and stock cupboard. Everything is categorized, alphabetized and tidy. The owners now have an accurate account of how much stock they actually own and a website for selling their products online. Even more so the store owners and employees have been trained how to effectively use the system and keep the store organized.

The store owners and their family have been a complete blessing to us all. Hosting 5 young adults for 3 weeks isn't an easy job. However, Lupita, Mario Snr and Mario Jr have more than taken care of us. They have made this experience better than we expected. I will definitely miss Lupita's amazing dinners!

Just a final Thanks, firstly to the Lord for blessing me with this awesome opportunity. Secondly to the Escobar  family for their great hospitality. Thirdly to my team; Pierro, Carolina, Steph and Farrah, it was fun experiencing this adventure with you guys! Finally to all of you that kept us in your prayers.

Many Thanks and God Bless you all

Gavin :-)

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  1. To Steph, Farrah, Carolina, Gav, and Piero:

    I just have to say that it has been such a blessing to hear about the progress you all have made in Cancun. It has been a pleasure praying for you all individually as well as a team! I don't know all of you, but your messages and blog updates have allowed me to see just how devoted each of you are to God's purpose in your lives. I can't wait to read the rest of the blogs you all have to post about your experience. And an early welcome home to the US!