Wednesday, June 16, 2010


An update of what we have accomplished so far. We started the fourteen day trial with volusion but with the trial we could only upload 100 items of inventory so Monday morning we were able to purchase volusion. We’ve had some technical issues with merging the trial and the program we got but are hoping that by tomorrow it will be able to merge in. The 100 products that we have on the inventory are in with all the details like pictures and prices. Farrah has been able to continue her work on the website and we now have a logo and its looking really good. While we wait to be able to put more inventory in the system Gavin and Steph organized all the CDs in alphabetical order and today we organized ALL the books in categories and also in alphabetical order. Piero and I have been working on translating the website. We have also been trying to figure out what to use for the sales online because of the Mexican laws it’s not as easy but after many calls and long research Piero was able to find one. As soon as we are able to merge with the new program and the trial we hope to add more inventory and complete this project successfully!

Good Job Team! : )

Besides work we have been enjoying the food, the blazzing heat lol, watching soccer games (Go Mexico! tomorrow), our friends (cockroaches and lizards lol): Farrah, Steph and Gavin continue to improve their spanish skills :)

Keep us in your prayers as we continue serving here.


Carolina : )

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  1. Keep up the good work, we're praying for you.
    I hope you're all drinking lots of water with the heat over there. Use some sunscreen lotion and be safe.