Thursday, June 10, 2010

For most of today we were all learning new things. The bookstore owners decided that they would like to go with the Volusion system as it would be most beneficial for their business. So we all spent much of today online, chatting to customer services about things we didn't understand. As the working day came to a close, we were clear on how the system works and how we were to go about setting up the system. After leaving the bookstore we headed over to the orphanage where a group of students from Nyack, including Professor Muckell, Gavin, Pierro and Stephanie, came and did some work in January. We can delightfully update that much progression has taken place, even in this blazing heat! The orphanage is looking better and better. We also met Pastor Armando (The guy incharge of the orphanage construction) he is hopefull that the Orpahnage will be in full operation in one year from now. They need to raise about 16,000,000 Peso's (about $1,000,000) to complete it.

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