Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mexico Preparations

I just wanted to give all our followers an update as to where we are at right now.
As you may or may not know our team members are:
* Gavin Penny
* Carolina Simbana
* Farrah Michael
* Stephanie Azevedo
* Piero Goritti
We have met to try to figure out and research what accounting/inventory system would be best for us to use for the Christian bookstore. Piero is in communication with some bookstores in Peru who are helping us find good software to use for our project. If anybody knows of any systems like this that are Spanish please let us know.
We have confirmed the dates of our trip - June 7th - July 1st, 2010.
We also know that we will be staying at the YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Cancun base, which does have wireless internet so most of us can stay in touch with loved one's by Skype... its cheaper!
We will be meeting with Professor Muckell soon to give him some feedback on our research and to try to pick a system that would work best for our project.
We have made communication with Mario, the director of YWAM Cancun, trying to finalize what we have to work with at the store and what we need to purchase and set up.
So progress is taking place. We would like to ask for you all to keep our trip in prayer. We ask that you pray for our safety, provision and protection, and that the project will be a complete success. God has been so good to us so far and we are all excited to see how he uses us throughout this trip - especially since 3 of us don't speak a word of Spanish :-)

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