Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let the Festivities Begin!

In 12 days five talented students from Nyack College will arrive in Mexico for an unforgettable adventure. In the midst of each of our busy schedules we have been blessed with the opportunity of a life time, a Special Thanks to Dean Underwood for making all of this possible!
Over the past few weeks we have gathered information on new and improved accounting programs and webpage design to advance the technology of this Christian book store. As of right now the program we will most likely use for this company is from, feel free to check it out!
We are eager to start this new and exciting mission, our departure is quickly creeping up, Old Cancun Christian Bookstore, here we come!

Let the Festivities begin!

God Bless

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  1. Approximately two weeks ago I have received an e-mail from the General Manager of Kairos Bookstore located in Lima-Peru. He strongly recommends Point of Sale Accounting and Inventory system and also gave us some hints for the designing of the web page. He is been using this accounting system not long ago, and he said this system has been and still very successful for his business. Carolina and I will be working on the translation of the e-mail before we depart from Newark to Cancun, then we will post it on the blog. Please keep us on your prayers. God Bless you,

    Piero Gorriti (Member of the Cancun team)